Lust & Life EP

I’m back with the “Lust & Life EP”! It is my third release on the Cologne-based label Studio3000 Records which is run by electronic music legend Jens Lissat.

The release holds two compositions with his uncompromising distinctive sound which are enriched with his infamous blending of pop-cultural elements and references.

Lust & Life is the conceptional follow-up to his first two releases earlier this year which both had major impact with their international audience and charted on Beatport. The two tracks of the release are Unconditional Lust (sinful club mix), which will take you on a ride to feel the joy and lust of a dark, sweaty and sweet sinful club night, as well as the track Chummers (no compromise mix) which will give you an ecstatic fast pace techno banger, which really wont compromise with its audience!

The “Lust & Life EP” on Studio3000 Records contains two track: “Unconditional Lust” and “Chummers”